How to Thoroughly Clean an Ice Cream Maker

How to Thoroughly Clean an Ice Cream Maker Many people view ice cream as the quintessential dessert. When you’ve made your ice cream from scratch, the ice cream buffet has been set up, the dessert has been served, and everyone is full, you still have one important step to complete. The final step of making homemade ice cream is to clean the ice cream maker. Cleaning your ice cream maker after every use is extremely important for a few reasons. These include:

  • Cleaning the ice cream maker will prevent the buildup of dangerous bacteria
  • By cleaning the ice cream maker, flavors will not mix together unnecessarily
  • The ice cream maker will run at maximum efficiency if it is cleaned properly

In order to clean the ice cream maker, there are a few important steps to keep in mind.

Empty the Ice Cream Maker Completely

The first step is to make sure that the ice cream maker is completely empty of all ice cream. Take a look inside, and specifically inspect the blades. Ice cream has a tendency to build up and collect on the blades, so they need special attention. Rinse out the ice cream maker so it’s completely free of leftover ice cream.

Flush the Ice Cream Maker

If you have a soft serve ice cream maker, take the time to run water through the ice cream maker to act as a flush. Pay attention to what is coming out the other side: water should be able to go through the machine without any issues. If there is a blockage in the machine, the ice cream maker will not clean properly, and you’ll need to get inside and find the blockage. If you were making a flavor such as mint chocolate chip that has mix-ins, you are at a higher risk of blockages. You can also continue pouring water into the machine until it frees itself.

Disassemble the Ice Cream Maker

Many ice cream makers have been designed with parts that can be removed and put back together. It might sound tedious to take apart the ice cream maker; however, there are a few important reasons why this is done. These include:

  • The parts are easier to clean when they are removed from the rest of the machine
  • Removing the parts will allow you to reach other parts of the machine that are usually impossible to access
  • Removing the parts allows the cleaner to take a look at them individually and inspect them for damage and flaws

If an ice cream maker can be taken apart, the instruction manual will have all the details for how to do it and put it back together correctly. Always save your instruction manual to reference in the future.

Soak and Scrub the Individual Parts

With the parts removed, it is time to soak and scrub the individual parts. Soak the parts in warm water first to loosen up any grime that might have built up on the individual parts. Add soap to the water and use a sponge or soft brush to scrub each individual part thoroughly. Once this process is done, rinse the parts with cool water and let them to dry completely before reassembling the machine.

Never put an ice cream maker in the dishwasher. The bowls used in freezer bowl ice cream makers are made with a special fluid that helps keep it cold for the entirety of the cycle, and placing it in a dishwasher can cause the bowl to crack and the fluid to leak out. Always hand wash your ice cream maker and inspect it for damage after every use.

Cleaning an Ice Cream Maker is Essential

It is important to clean the ice cream maker after each and every use, not only for a better final product, but for your health and the health of those you love. Using this guide, take the time to clean your ice cream maker every time you use it. However, if you’re using a more unique ice cream maker like an ice cream ball, follow the cleaning instructions provided by the manufacturer.