Can You Rent an Ice Cream Truck?

How to Rent an Ice Cream Truck in My Neighborhood The ice cream truck can bring untold joy to dozens or even hundreds of people in a neighborhood. When the temperatures go through the roof, few things are better than having a full spread of frozen concoctions just waiting to be chosen. But there’s no need to purchase the truck when it’s possible to rent it. Whether an ice-cream enthusiast wants to rent a truck for a day or a season, consider the following facts before settling on a rental.

Why Rent an Ice Cream Truck?

There are two main reasons why a person would rent an ice cream truck:

  • Seasonal business: This position lets a person set their own hours and income goals over the summer months. It’s satisfying to bring children the defining treat of the summer, and it affords the driver more flexibility.
  • Special events: From a child’s birthday party to an employee-appreciation gathering, ice cream trucks can spice up any special occasion. Guests can line up and enjoy a little relaxation with their favorite flavor.

Those opening their own small business will first want to check their neighborhood for official regulations. Small town ordinances may outlaw ice cream trucks if they see the vehicles as a potential hazard for small children.

Who Rents Ice Cream Trucks?

The most reasonable place to find a rental would likely be online, though it will be easier to find ice cream companies who want to cater events rather than lend out their trucks for months at a time. People may also want to consider visiting the dairies in their area. Because dairies already have the equipment on-site, it may be easy to rent the truck for a certain term. However, it’s likely that dairies will offer people jobs to drive the truck as opposed to renting the truck so the person can create their own business. Still, it’s worth talking to someone at the dairy if the person can’t find a more standard truck rental online.

Ice cream trucks come in a number of shapes and sizes that have changed throughout the history of ice cream, and they may be rented out by any number of people. (Some trucks may be little more than a van or a trailer.) Maybe a person will find a driver who can’t operate the truck that season but who plans to be back next year. It helps to keep an open mind during the search, especially if just getting started in the business.

What Makes for a Good Ice Cream Truck?

If choosing a well-known brand, such as a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream truck, it’s unlikely a person will need to do very much inspection. The company is almost guaranteed to have enough freezer space to cater for the number of guests at the party. Of course, this doesn’t mean the renter can’t check the reviews of the local service. Some companies may be poorly equipped to handle special requests, such as options for vegans or the lactose-intolerant.

If renting a truck to make some extra money, people should consider the gas mileage and the available space. Business owners will need to evaluate how they’re most likely to make money on any given day. For example, if a business owner is only going to drive the streets of a very small town, they may not need very much space. However, if planning to cater work events, block parties, or outdoor concerts, they’ll need more freezer space to account for the influx of customers.

Renting an ice cream truck starts with understanding the opportunities it affords the renter, and the many options in front of them. There’s no need to overspend when a person scours the available trucks in their area to get a sense of the market.