Top 5 Best Undercounter Freezers

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The best undercounter freezer is a wonderful and sleek addition to many kitchens, bars, restaurants, and homes. These freezers provide extra counter space instead of taking it away and add frozen storage in a discreet way, which can’t be said of other freezer options such as display freezers. Fortunately, many undercounter freezers are available to ensure that every business and individual can find the right one for their needs. The following undercounter freezer reviews and ratings can help you narrow down your search.

The 5 Top Undercounter Freezers

Editor’s Picks Brand Rating *
Best Choice kalifon Commercial Stainless Steel Undercounter Freezer ♥♥♥♥♥
Premium Pick Dukers 2-Door Undercounter Stainless Steel Freezer ♥♥♥♥♥
Best Value KITMA Commercial Single-Door Undercounter Freezer ♥♥♥♡♡
Runner Up Chef’s Exclusive Single-Door Undercounter Freezer ♥♥♥♥♡
Honorable Mention Arctic Air 48-inch 2-Door Stainless Steel Undercounter Freezer ♥♥♥♥♡
is made possible by its users.
When you buy a product through a link on our site, we may earn a commission. Learn More.

* Ratings are determined using our specialized rating system.

While the huge variety of features and standards is a good thing so that you have options in deciding what you want when selecting the best undercounter freezer for your needs, all the information can be overwhelming. Read on to discover our top five picks to make choosing the best undercounter freezer a little easier for you.

★ Best Choice
Best Choice for Best Undercounter Freezer: kalifon Commercial Stainless Steel Undercounter Freezer

kalifon Commercial Stainless Steel Undercounter Freezer is the best undercounter freezer because the shelf can hold 155 pounds, plus the freezer has self-closing doors and an easily adjustable temperature and a stay-open feature for convenient loading and unloading of food.

The kalifon Commercial Stainless Steel Undercounter Freezer is a powerful undercounter freezer insulated with polyurethane that was foamed in place to ensure stable insulation for the life of the freezer. Running on the more environmentally friendly R290 refrigerant, this stainless steel undercounter freezer is sleek, easy to clean, and energy efficient. This kalifon product is ETL certified with both ETL SAFETY and ETL SANITATION certifications, so it is worth the price and has been quality tested by trustworthy third-parties.

This undercounter freezer has a temperature range of -8℉ to 0℉ (or -22.2℃ to -17.7℃), and has optional lift gate service upon delivery to save you the hassle of lifting issues. It has a single shelf design with a weight capacity of 155 lbs plus an included lock and key for the self-closing door. The doors also have a stay-open feature to conveniently load and unload food without being repeatedly hit by the door.


  • 3-year compressor warranty, 1-year warranty on parts and labor
  • 10-year lifespan design


  • Only one shelf
♛ Premium Pick
Premium Pick for Best Undercounter Freezer: Dukers 2-Door Undercounter Stainless Steel Freezer

Dukers 2-Door Undercounter Stainless Steel Freezer is the best undercounter freezer because is has over twelve cubic feet of space, double doors, and an easy-to-use LED touch pad control. It is equipped with wheels for easy maneuverability.

The Dukers 2-Door Undercounter Stainless Steel Freezer is one of the larger undercounter freezer options with an impressive 12.2 ft3 of freezer space. At a hefty 211 lbs, it’s definitely not a lightweight option, but it is built to last. The double-door design allows for easier access without blocking walkways and offers four separate compartments for freezer storage. The adjustable temperature range is -8℉ to 0℉ with a convenient LED pad, and its total dimensions are 48″ Width x 31″ Depth x 36″ Height, but luckily it comes on 4″ diameter wheels for easy maneuverability.

Dukers is confident that their freezers are built right, which is why the 1/2 horse power compressor comes with a 4-year warranty and the whole system has a 3-year parts & labor warranty. The brushed stainless steel interior and exterior makes for easy cleaning and resists corrosion and rust, even in damp environments like commercial kitchens.


  • 5-year compressor warranty, 3-year parts and labor warranty
  • No water hookup required (doesn’t leak)
  • Wheels included


  • May be too large for some kitchens
$ Best Value
Budget Choice for Best Undercounter Freezer: KITMA Commercial Single-Door Undercounter Freezer

KITMA Commercial Single-Door Undercounter Freezer is the best undercounter freezer for smaller or lower volume kitchens and bars because it is easily maneuverable, easy to clean, and still offers over seven cubic feet of freezer space.

KITMA Commercial Single-Door Undercounter Freezer is a great option for smaller kitchens or tight corners that you would like to take advantage of and make useful. Made of 304 and 430 stainless steel with four castors for easy maneuverability, this unit is built for easy cleaning and maintenance. Operating on R290 refrigerant and equipped with a 1/5 horse power compressor and easy digital temperature control (between 0℉ and 8℉), you can adjust this freezer to your exact freezing needs.

This is a single-shelf unit with a stay-open, self-closing door for convenient use, and it is sturdy enough to support heavy-duty countertop equipment. This freezer is especially great for storing liquids because the epoxy coating on the shelves protect them from corrosion.


  • Adjustable shelf
  • 1-year parts and labor warranty


  • This one-shelf unit may not offer enough space
♥ Top Pick
Runner Up for Best Undercounter Freezer: Chef's Exclusive Single-Door Undercounter Freezer

Chef’s Exclusive Single-Door Undercounter Freezer is the best undercounter freezer because it has a small footprint, easy mobility, a recessed handle, wire shelving, magnetic gaskets and it is easy to clean and maintain.

The Chef’s Exclusive Single-Door Undercounter Freezer offers 6.5 ft3 of freezer space with a stainless steel top and painted aluminum interior, which allows for easy cleaning. This unit has an auto-defrost system to prevent frost buildup on your stored food, beverages, or even the ice cream you made from scratch. The single door on this unit has easily removable magnetic gaskets, and the recessed handle ensures no snagging on clothing or kitchen tools in tight spaces.

The digital controller is easily visible below the door and can adjust the temperature between 0℉ and 10℉. This undercounter freezer has wire shelving and 3-inch swivel casters for easy storage and mobility for cleaning and maintenance.


  • Automatic defrost feature
  • Wider temperature range than most undercounter freezers


  • Less interior space than many other undercounter freezers
♥ Top Pick
Honorable Mention for Best Undercounter Freezer: Arctic Air 48-inch 2-Door Stainless Steel Undercounter Freezer

The Arctic Air 48″ 2-Door Stainless Steel Undercounter Freezer is the best undercounter freezer because it has twelve cubic feet of storage space, anti-condensation features, magnetic gaskets for easy cleaning, adjustable epoxy-coated wire shelves, and meets NSF standards for open food storage.

The Arctic Air 48″ 2-Door Stainless Steel Undercounter Freezer is a great large-capacity undercounter freezer. On top of an impressive 12 ft3 of interior space, the heating element installed into the freezer doors and bottom pan prevent condensation (and thus frost) buildup. The removable magnetic door gaskets make for tool-free maintenance and cleaning, and the full stainless steel exterior housing with stainless steel and ABS liner interior means that spills and food debris are easy to wipe up.

The two epoxy-coated wire shelves are adjustable, and the freezer’s two sides are easily accessible from the two doors to customize the inside of the freezer to your needs. The whole system is tested to NSF Standard 7 open food storage requirements, and Arctic Air freezers use the CFC-free R404A refrigerant.


  • NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) listed
  • Removable magnetic door gaskets
  • Five year compressor warranty; one year parts and labor warranty


  • May be too large for some kitchen and bar spaces

Features to Consider for the Best Undercounter Freezer

Undercounter freezers come in a large variety with a different number of shelves, interior cubic feet, power, and refrigerants. There are many technical and practical considerations to take into account when choosing the best undercounter freezer, so it’s important to be well-informed on what these features and terms mean. To ensure that you are able to find the best undercounter freezer, here are some of the most important features to keep in mind while searching through undercounter freezer reviews.

Cubic Feet

While the amount of space may seem obvious, it is one of the most pressing features in the search for the best undercounter freezer. When looking at the different cubic feet available in different models, it is important to be honest with yourself on three points: How much space do you really need? How much space can you afford? How much space do you have room for?

Adjustable/Number of Shelves

If you will only be freezing food or beverage containers of the same size, then the adjustability of shelves may not be important (provided that there is enough existing shelf height for the stored goods). However, if you will be storing boxes, bottles, and dishware of varying shapes and sizes, adjustable shelves are indispensable.

Types of Refrigerants

CFC-free? R290? R404A? There are many technical terms when it comes to refrigerant types, but luckily, they are not too complicated to understand. CFC, or Chlorofluorocarbon, were the original refrigerants, consisting of carbon, chlorine, and fluorine. This type of refrigerant has largely been phased out due to concerns about ozone depletion of the upper atmosphere. R404A is a type of refrigerant that has been in use for many years but is currently restricted in pre-existing equipment. R290 is a newer refrigerant that has lower energy costs and is more environmentally friendly, showing no link to ozone hazards.

ETL Certification and NSF Listing

Because undercounter freezers are a big purchase, most people will want a way to ensure the quality of the product before purchasing. That’s where ETL certification and NSF listings come in: ETL certification comes from Intertek’s Electrical Testing Labs and means that the product has been tested to meet certain standards and is safe for use. The NSF is the National Sanitation Foundation, which is a non-profit that was established in the 1940s to promote public health by creating sanitation and safety standards. Products that are NSF listed meet the sanitation standards of the National Sanitation Foundation.

Benefits of Using Undercounter Freezers

Undercounter freezers can be a great addition to any commercial kitchen, bar, food pantry, or other business that requires food and food storage. Here are some benefits of purchasing an undercounter freezer.

More Counter Space

In any business dealing with food or drink preparation, counter space is important. Unlike commercial freezers that take up valuable counter space, undercounter freezers add to the total food storage space and counter space to make the most of any kitchen. Many undercounter freezers have stainless steel tops (or other durable, easily cleaned material) for this exact reason – to be used as a prep area without making more of a mess.

Streamlined Look

In bars or open kitchens where the clientele is able to see into the prep area, aesthetics are important. Undercounter freezers are smooth and streamlined, allowing for ample storage without affecting the look of the prep area with a big freezer. Especially in bars, a full-sized fridge or freezer would have its back exposed to the public, whereas an undercounter freezer is subtle and doesn’t attract the eye.

Precautions of Using Undercounter Freezers

While undercounter freezers can be extremely useful products in many kitchens and bars, there are a few things to keep in mind before making your final purchase.

Carefully Size the Product Before Purchasing

Shipping for undercounter freezers can be expensive because of the cost of freight and delivery by weight, so it would be a huge disappointment if the freezer didn’t fit. Make sure to double-check and triple-check the measurements of the new undercounter freezer’s final resting spot as well as all the doors and hallways it must pass through to get there.

Not Suited for Residential Kitchens

While many homeowners and passionate home chefs may daydream about upgrading their mini freezer to their own undercounter freezer, the power and space needed for this type of freezer is often too demanding for residential kitchens. That said, some smaller commercial freezers may be able to be outfitted in a residential kitchen, but not all companies may be willing to deliver to residential homes. This is something to research beforehand and possibly contact the company directly to see if they have a policy on residential installation.


Our top pick for the best undercounter freezer review is the kalifon Commercial Stainless Steel Undercounter Freezer. This moderately sized undercounter freezer will fit into most commercial kitchens and bars and is small enough to fit into tighter spaces and corners that larger units may not be able to. Despite its smaller size, this ETL-certified undercounter freezer has proven it meets proper safety and sanitation standards and is built to last.

No matter which undercounter freezer ends up being the best one for your needs, we hope this information was helpful in making your final decision.