Top 3 Best Ice Cream Balls

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Now, you can make ice cream even more fun with the best ice cream ball. These quirky products allow you to make your own confections at home with a simple and playful method. In this article, we’re going to see how these items can make ice cream even tastier. The following ice cream ball reviews and ratings can help you choose the best product available on the market today.

The 3 Top Ice Cream Balls

Editor’s Picks Brand Rating *
Best Choice Yaylabs Softshell Ice Cream Ball ♥♥♥♥♥
Premium Pick UCO Play and Freeze Ice Cream Maker Ball in Blue ♥♥♥♥♥
Best Value Play and Freeze Ice Cream Ball- Ice Cream Maker ♥♥♥♡♡
is made possible by its users.
When you buy a product through a link on our site, we may earn a commission. Learn More.

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If you want to make your own ice cream from scratch, you usually have to buy an ice cream maker or soft-serve ice cream maker to freeze and mix the ingredients together. However, with the best ice cream ball, now you can make the process so much more entertaining. By tossing everything into the ball and rolling it around, you get the same results without a boring wait time. Read on to discover the best options out there for you and your kids to enjoy.

★ Best Choice
Best Choice for Best Ice Cream Ball: Yaylabs Softshell Ice Cream Ball

Yaylabs Softshell Ice Cream Ball is the best ice cream ball because it comes in two sizes and fun colors. It is easy to clean and is dishwasher safe.

Although ice cream balls are essentially a niche market, no one does it better than the Yaylabs Softshell Ice Cream Ball. This softshell ball comes in two sizes – pint and quart – so that you can make as much ice cream as you like. All you have to do is put the cream and other ingredients in one side and then ice and rock salt into the other. Roll it around for about 25 minutes and you have a smooth, creamy treat ready to enjoy. This is really the best ice cream ball on the market.

One element that we like about this product is that it comes in four funky colors. Blueberry, orange, raspberry, and lime. You and your kids will love playing it with almost as much as eating the ice cream afterward. Its textured surface makes it even more playful, so you can enjoy it with or without ice cream brewing inside.

Cleaning this ice cream maker is also a breeze. Each component is dishwasher safe, and they are made of food-grade plastic, so you don’t have to worry about getting any harmful chemicals into your food. Finally, this ball comes with an ice cream cookbook, so you can make a wide array of flavors (like mint chocolate chip) and experiment however you see fit.


  • Easy to use and clean
  • Fun designs and colors
  • Ice cream cookbook included


  • Can be hard to get the consistency of the ice cream right
♛ Premium Pick
Premium Pick for Best Ice Cream Ball: UCO Play and Freeze Ice Cream Maker Ball in Blue

UCO Play and Freeze Ice Cream Maker Ball Blue is the best ice cream ball because it comes in two sizes, comes in a see-through design, and is easy to wash and clean.

One of the great things about buying the best ice cream ball is that you can use it anywhere, and the UCO Play and Freeze Ice Cream Maker Ball Blue is designed for camping trips, but you can bust it out whenever you feel like it. Although this ball isn’t as whimsical as the YayLabs version, it’s more than enough fun for the whole family. The setup is the same, but the design is a bit more industrial. Better yet, you can see inside, so you’ll be able to tell when the ice and salt have done their job. This model also comes in two sizes—pint and quart—to satisfy everyone at the campsite.

As far as making the ice cream, this version takes a little longer, and you need to pause in the middle of playtime to scoop and mix the ice cream. Doing this will ensure smoother results, and it will help distribute any ingredients you put inside (i.e., cookie dough or chocolate chips). This ball also comes with a recipe booklet so that you can get ideas for making the best ice cream you’ve ever tasted.


  • Durable construction
  • Two sizes available
  • See-through design
  • Easy to wash and clean


  • Takes longer than other products
$ Best Value
Budget Choice for Best Ice Cream Ball: Play and Freeze Ice Cream Ball- Ice Cream Maker

Play and Freeze Ice Cream Ball- Ice Cream Maker is the best ice cream ball because it is perfect for get-togethers, is easy to use, and can be used as a centerpiece on a table.

Play and Freeze Ice Cream Ball- Ice Cream Maker is perfect for get-togethers. Typically speaking, if you want an at-home ice cream maker, you have to shell out a bunch of money to make that happen. Countertop ice cream makers, ice cream roll makers, gelato makers, milkshake makers, and even basic hand-crank ice cream makers or old-fashioned ice cream makers can be expensive. Fortunately, with the best ice cream ball, you can get delicious frozen treats for a lot less than you might think. Plus, it’s fun for the whole family. Your kids will love making ice cream so much that they’ll want to do it all the time. Fortunately, since you’re in control over the ingredients, you can make it as healthy as possible, such as using almond milk and less sugar.

The ease and simplicity of this ice cream ball are superb. Just follow the instructions on the side—put ingredients in one end and ice and rock salt in the other – and then start playing. If you buy the pint-size ball, it’ll take about 20-25 minutes to finish. If you buy the quart-size model, it can be 30-35 minutes. For best results, be sure to pause halfway through to mix the concoction and stir everything around.

One cool element (pun intended) we appreciate is the bottom “foot” on the ball. This enables you to keep it upright when serving the ice cream. If you’re having a get-together, the ball will serve as a funky centerpiece on the table.


  • Durable construction
  • Easy-to-follow instructions
  • Playful colors and designs


  • Can leak at times

Features to Consider for the Best Ice Cream Ball

Fortunately, buying the best ice cream ball doesn’t require a lot of know-how or experience with the product. However, even though the elements aren’t too complicated, there are some factors you’ll need to think about when making your comparisons of ice cream ball reviews. Before buying one of these products, be sure to pay attention to these features.

Size and Weight

No matter which ball you decide to get, there will be two size options available – pint and quart. However, what you really need to focus on is the weight of the ball once it’s filled with ingredients. By itself, the ball can be just a couple of pounds, but when full, it can easily weigh over 10. The reason that the weight matters is that you’ll want to play with your little ones. Ten pounds doesn’t sound like a lot, but they can get hurt if you’re not careful. Be sure to talk to your kids about safe play practices before you let them use the product.

Another thing to keep in mind with the size is whether you’ll be making enough for everyone. Typically, a pint of ice cream is good for two people (three for children), while a quart can serve up to four or five.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Fortunately, the best ice cream ball is dishwasher-safe, so cleanup can just be a matter of breaking down the various parts and tossing them in the machine. However, if you don’t have a dishwasher or you plan on bringing the ball on a trip (i.e., camping), then washing it will be a little trickier. There are two compartments inside the ball – the outer section for the ice and rock salt, and an interior compartment for the ice cream. You’ll need to wipe both down thoroughly to avoid attracting pests and insects. We recommend that you practice taking the ball apart at home so that it will be easier to do when you’re out and about.


Some models have a collapsible base that allows you to serve from the ball directly. However, if you buy one that doesn’t have that feature, it can be kind of tricky to get the ice cream out. In that case, we recommend using a towel or something else as a cradle so that you can get the proper leverage. Also, it usually works better to use a paddle rather than an ice cream scoop so that you scrape along the sides.

Recipe Booklet

If you’ve never made ice cream at home before, it can seem a bit challenging. Fortunately, these products come with recipes so that you can hone your skills. Once you master the ice cream ball, you can really elevate your confectionary game. The best thing is that you can mix and match ingredients to make the ice cream healthier, chunkier, or thicker. There are no rules, so go wild!

Benefits of Using Ice Cream Balls

At first, the best ice cream ball may seem like a fun novelty – something to play around with a few times here and there. However, once you get the hang of it, this product can deliver some incredible benefits for you and your family. Here are a few extra reasons why you should buy an ice cream ball.

  • Connect with your kids – playing with children is always important for bonding, so why not make something practical at the same time? Not only will you have fun together during the mixing process, but you’ll have a tasty treat to look forward to as well.
  • Teach scientific principles – your kids will learn as they play, thanks to the incredible science happening inside the ball. You can show them how salt affects water’s freezing point, and how mixing different ingredients creates varying results. Best of all, this is one of the sweetest experiments you can do.
  • Healthier ice cream – since you control what goes inside the ball, you can use almond milk instead of cream, and you can reduce the amount of sugar that goes in as well. Experiment with different options to find a way to make a better dessert for yourself and your children.
  • Save money – rather than going out and buying ice cream, it’s cheaper to buy the ingredients in bulk and make it yourself.

Precautions of Using Ice Cream Balls

The best ice cream ball is both fun and easy to use, but it’s not necessarily foolproof. Here are some potential drawbacks to keep in mind when shopping for this product.

  • Injury – technically speaking, you’re not supposed to toss or throw the ball around. When it’s full, doing so can be dangerous since the product is made of hard materials and it will be heavy. Talk to your kids and make sure to monitor them when mixing the ice cream.
  • Leaks and drips – over time, seams within the ice cream ball can start to give out, which can result in leaks. Also, extensive playtime can damage the seam as well. If that does happen, you can still make ice cream, but it will be a bit messy. We advise wrapping the ball in a towel and tying it at the top to avoid drips.
  • Inconsistent texture – no matter what, it will take some time to get used to mixing ice cream this way. Usually, the outside layer will freeze while the interior stays soft. Mixing the ingredients halfway through can alleviate this problem, but the results will always be a bit thinner than what you’re used to.


If you want to choose the best product from the ice cream ball reviews, we highly recommend the Yaylabs Softshell Ice Cream Ball. Whether you decide on the pint or the quart size, this ball will make dessert a lot more fun. We love its funky design and easy-to-follow instructions. Once you get the ball rolling, you’ll never want to buy pre-made ice cream again!