Good Humor Truck Rental
Party Truck Rental Good Humor Ice Cream Truck
We have lovingly restored our 1967 Good Humor Ice Cream truck close to its original condition. At nearly every step of the process we met people who would sigh and say, "Ah I remember that truck from way back when..." Every single time we heard it, it made us happy. Even a local police officer came by to ask us about it and share his own childhood memories. Now, we are happy to offer this experience to those who remember it and to those who perhaps never got the chance, to all of our clients in the New York area.
Our restored 1967 Ford Good Humor Ice Cream Truck was literally built to deliver. She has the original Good Humor logo baked into the porcelain freezer box. This truck is the one your momma might remember, driving down the road with bells chiming, delivering treats to the kids. With jingling bells and tiny freezer doors, she is chock full of cute details reminiscent of old times!
The truck is equipped with a cold plate freezer which means we don’t have to
have the truck running throughout your event – no noisy generator.
Our truck is available for private and corporate events. Truck rental
is also available for commercial and motion picture use.